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Dia Duit!

Welcome to MF Learning Seirbhísí Foghlama, a completely online learning service which offers tailored lessons via Zoom in Irish and other educational learning areas.

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At MF Learning the students are always at the core of the process. I strive to provide tailored bespoke lesson packages to suit the needs of all learners. MF Learning has been a dream of mine for my entire teaching career and I am delighted that this digital learning platform will offer me the opportunity to not only work with a diverse global learning community but, that it will also allow me design lessons, deliver content and consolidate learning in a meaningful way for all of my students. For a full list of the services provided at MF Learning please check out the ‘Our Services’ part of the website or If you are ready to start your online learning journey please get in touch via the contact form below!
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Michelle Furey, M.eD., B.eD.,
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